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Not the prettiest post….

As bloggers,we all tend to take photos of the best parts of our gardens.The things we want to show off.
But this is a post about the ugly parts of the garden at TheGreatWall.
Those areas that drive you crazy.
The invasive stuff growing in from your neighbors’ yards.The things that they think look lovely.
Like this….IMG_2045 Some weedy tree my neighbor thinks is beautiful,but is now overtaking my garden and leaning on the fence.Along with air potato vines overtaking my jatropha and plumeria.

Speaking of air potato vine
(the bane of all Southern gardeners,along with Kudzu),
last year University of Florida released beetles that are making a headway in the control.
Hopefully,next year the vine won’t be a problem,but in the meantime I’m left with the above.

Tree roots!
This root….
IMG_2049 …is coming from my neighbor’s Elephant EarTree(another invasive species),which no amount of data will convince him that it’s not a Poinciana.This root,among other smaller ones,is blocking the flow of water from the dry creek bed I put in a few years ago.Which,in turn,is causing that side of the yard to flood.Especially with all the rain we’ve had this summer.
I need a chainsaw!
or a new neighbor….

Skunk Vine!
This one is an ongoing battle.It sends out deep rooted underground runners,and everyday I have to check for it.It will quickly overtake anything and everything.The weight of the vine will eventually cause the plant to become top heavy and fall over.I’ve,actually,found it trying to grow through the screen of the pool lanai.

You’ve read here,before,how much I hate them.This year is the worst year ever.Even though I used NOLO Bait,they have been horrible.I’ve been keeping a body count and I know I am over beheading 100(beheading is the only way to kill them).Their only natural predator is the Loggerhead Shrike and their numbers are dwindling,due to loss of habitat.Those lubbers have eaten plumerias,the Hurricane Lilies,the Rain Lilies,all the Amaryllis(even the entire bulb of one),and I have seen them eating the bromeliads and even my Flapjack succulent.But what they have done to the Queen Emma Crinums is beyond words….
IMG_2051 …and this is the best looking one of the four I have growing outside the lanai.I have one growing in a large container inside the lanai.It is beautiful,but I doubt it will ever bloom.
@#$% lubbers!

So,what part of your garden are you unhappy with?






A day for the birds…..

A beautiful,Florida day,today.
70’s,sunny,low humidity,and a clear blue sky.
Perfect for gardening.
I,usually,don’t take the camera with me,but,today,I did.
I wanted to see if the tomatoes….
IMG_1834 IMG_1835

and the Meyer Lemons
were close to being ripe.But nope.Not quite ready.Another day or two….

But it’s been a great day for bird watching at TheGreatWall.
IMG_1820 Female Cardinal

I believe this is a Pine Warbler.But I’m not sure…..
Carolina Wrens were in abundance.


Two female Cardinals having a gossip session….IMG_1815 (2)
…. about this guy….


IMG_1811 Red Bellied Woodpecker

This guy was more than pleased to pose….
IMG_1807He/she stood on my neighbor’s old dock for more than an hour before flying off.
IMG_1807 (2)
How’s the weather,today,in your garden?
Sunny and warm?
Or cold and snowy?

I’ve got loverly bunch(es)….

of bananas!

This year should be a bumper crop for the banana plantation at TheGreatWall.

one hand…..

#two hand…..

third hand on the way….

I just might over dose on banana bread……

Plumeria update~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Fall veggie garden has been solarized,had compost and manure added to it,and is now sitting,basking in the late Florida summer sun.
Resting,until next week,when the seeds I ordered,and plants that are started,can go into the ground.I’m so looking forward to fresh,home-grown salads and vegetables,again.

But in the meantime,a little plumeria update is in order.
The pink and white  pink and yellow has totally stolen my heart…


Can you see why? Great scent,beautiful blooms.What’s not to love?

The white plumeria has put out a seed pod,again,this year.IMG_1492

It did the same thing last year,but I didn’t know how to deal with sprouting the seeds. Meaning,that I totally goofed it up.But after much research,I’m going to try it again this year.
There is a certain way to plant each seed.
and if you screw that up,w-e-l-l you’re totally screwed…..
I,also,found out that each seed can have up to over 54 chromosomes,so you never know what you’re going to get from a sprouted seed.It can take from 10 months to 3 years to get a bloom,so this should be fun….


The veggie garden has been officially put to bed.As I write this,it is being solarized….

gardenCompost and manure added.
Plans have been made.
Seeds have been ordered.The usual suspects.Green beans,kale,carrots,collards,turnips,radishes,lettuce(waaaay too may kinds)….tomatoes started..

And the annual perusal of recipes has started….
Ones I need want to try….
This pizza…. with kale
Green beans….
Hopefully,I’ll have bumper crop of tomatoes,so I can try this….

And the Yellow-top Flaveria linearis is already blooming.

Can Autumn,and cooler weather,be far behind?

Who else but me……

…..would be out in the rain,
standing on chair,
taking photos of their plumeria blooms?
After almost a week of constant on and off down pours,the plumeria are glorious!
It wasn’t an attractive sight,but I had to stand on a chair to take these photos.The neighbors must’ve wondered what the Hell I was doing.But that’s how I roll,when the plumeria are this gorgeous.They can deal with it…
All of the plumeria have grown like Topsy.Like that referral?
The white plumeria is over ten feet tall,
and still growing.


The white photo bombed by a wasp of some sort.





So,do you ever go out in the rain to take photos of your favorite plants? Just because their your favorites? And you know they’ll look glorious after the rain?

TheGreatGravelPathway project…

is finally done!

The last photo I shared,in April,showed it like this…….


Why I start massive projects in the heat and humidity of summer,I have no idea.
But,after much sweating,it now looks like this….


and this….


This pathway….


connects to this pathway….


Still to be done…
Stepping stones in this grassy area….

The GreatPlantRelocationandGardeningWeedingProject…..

…where’s the cooler weather?