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Tillandsia recurvifolia…

I bought this tillandsia at Marie Selby,over a year ago.
Tillandsia recurvifolia… IMG_18372

On the clearance rack-I’m good that way….
It was an underperformer,so it went to the back of the lanai,where all the underperformers go.After all,I didn’t want it to be embarrassed by the shining stars.
But,today,after the over night rains,I was checking on the orchids,which all have inflo’s on them,and I saw this…..IMG_18382
Sometimes,shaming works…..

On this Friday,things I want….

Anyone who knows me,knows I love yard art.
Quirky things that make the garden interesting.
Things that make you stop and look.

When we were at Marie Selby Gardens this past week,there were plenty of things I lusted after…..
(I swear I didn’t embarrass myself…….nor did anything come home in my purse,as tempting as it was)
Like these


IMG_0935I love,love,love this Buddha! And the flowers make me go,”ahhhhh……”

Can you imagine this at the entrance to your garden?

Ponds and waterfalls….



I love rock retaining walls,and I would love to have one like this…

This is what I call a patio cover!


A great idea for a fountain..

Now,excuse me while I go pout and wish I had all of the above……

I have been to Heaven……..

Preface:this post is just about the Conservatory at Marie Selby Botanical Garens.I will do another post about the rest of the gardens.

….and it is called Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.

…why did it take me thirty+ years to get there?….

Nestled right in the heart of Sarasota,lies this gem.Just a stones throw from St.Armand’s Circle-yep,we ate there-and Longboat Key.
I have wanted to go there,for like forever!
The place is incredible!
But first you have to cross this!


Anyone who knows me,knows I hate heights.
And Bridges.
Especially high bridges.

…Especially the Skyway Bridge…

But I wasn’t driving and I was occupied with my cell phone and taking photos,so I survived.

we got to Sarasota,
and there was Heaven….

The Conservatory…..

I swear the Heavens parted and there I was….

Full of orchids and bromeliads!
Like a kid in a candy store,or someone high on crack,but let’s go
with the candy store thing,shall we?-
I was bouncing around….

Taking photos,like the mad woman I tend to become when surrounded by orchids I don’t have….
I swear I didn’t shove too many people out of the way while I was taking photos…W-e-l-l…maybe a few….but they deserved it….











My favorite,but the only one they had for sale,was $59!Obviously,it didn’t come home with me….sob….




You know I came home with something…

Meet Golden Jewel Orchid,Ludisia dicolorIMG_0961

Already repotted and hanging,in a palm,by the lanai.
Hopefully the orchids that already live at TheGreatWall will make nice and welcome her with open arms….