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Pine Cone Ginger

If you are following me on Instagram(check the box on the right of the home page,if you want to see),you will know I posted this photo of the Pine Cone Gingers that are growing at TheGreatWall


PineCone Gingers are also known as Zingiber zerumbet(botanical name),Shampoo Ginger,and even Awapuhi.
I wanted to create a floral arrangement with them.And this is what I came up with…


Just some palm fronds,Cinnamon Fern,and some leaves from the Cannas.Pretty good for a free floral arrangement and the house smells like ginger.
They are not a pretty plant.

IMG_2057 They tend to spread everywhere.And I am always digging up the rhizomes.
But they smell so good.Just like the ginger spice.And when  you cut them open,you find this …..
Rub it on your skin,and it works like the best body lotion you can buy.
Really,it does.
Plus,it smells good……

And you do,too…..

Read more here.


These days,I’m not very happy………..

After all the rain we had the last rain event we had just over a week ago(17” over 3 days!)
and another 4” sits in my rain gauge,today,
we are due for another round of rain,starting Thursday,
The sump pump on the septic system was over loaded with the last rain go-round and burned out.
(I doubt I need to tell you what that means),
Septic people are overloaded and I’m “on the schedule.”

Even after 3 days of sun and heat,the front and back yards are like swamps,
Seriously,it is.Your feet sink and squish when you walk anywhere.

So I’m left with this….

IMG_2038Yep-that’s a trench.
To drain water from the front yard.
After the past few days,it
still has water running through it.
(whenever the weather changes and cools off,if it should ever do that)
it will be enlarged to become a dry rock bed bed to meet up with this one…
…which does work,but it is totally overloaded with the amount of rain we’ve had.I think hope it just needs more rock added to it.The problem is the ground is so saturated,there is no where for the water to go.
Our lake has over come it’s banks,too,so the water just sits,until either the sun dries it up,or it can sink into the ground.

But there are some bright spots….
An orchid has put out a scape…
It will be a deep purple.

…and the Pine Cone Gingers have been troopers…
IMG_2039 Even though they’ve been totally flooded out.

And I finally gave in,and joined Instagram.I take so many photos with my cell phone,I needed to do something.I added a widget in the upper right,if you’d care to follow along.

Now,it’s time for a glass of wine,and time to ponder all the digging that lies ahead…..


Pine Cone Ginger….

Officially known as Zingiber zerumbet,Pine Cone Ginger is a mainstay in Florida gardens.Most of us have received ours as pass-a-longs.As did I.From my neighbor.
It is hardy from Zones 8-11,but has been known to be root hardy in 7B.
Late in August,the first stalks show up,with the cones that resemble pine cones…..IMG_1554

Later,the cones start to turn red….


Until they become this…

It is also known as “Shampoo Ginger” as it has been known to be used for shampoo.Hence it’s name Awapuhi.
Cut a cone open….


and you will find a milky fluid.I’ve never tried it as shampoo,but I have rubbed the fluid on a cut,and it has healed much faster than usual.
In a floral arrangement,they are a long lasting Autumn mainstay.
These were cut over 2 weeks ago.And are still looking beautiful!
Love,love,love  ‘em!

To learn more about Pine Cone Gingers,click here…..



A slight lightning delay….

… the Bucs game.
…But not at TheGreatWall….

It is still summer in Florida,after all…..

Time to do some pruning.

Make an arrangement for the table….IMG_1519

Pine Cone Ginger Zingiber zerumbet
Jatropha Jatropha integerrima
Pagoda Flower Clerodendrum paniculatum
Canna (I got this from my neighbor,and have no idea what it’s real name is)
and a lone red Caladium
The lightning delay is over….

Go Bucs!!!!!!!!

…the Bills won…..