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I’ve got a little problem….

….a tomato problem….

IMG_1931Super Sweet Grape Tomato(Hybrid) Indeterminate
It’s now over 8 foot tall.And still growing…..
One day’s harvest….
 They’re very sweet.A good snacking tomato.I’ve made Pickled Grape Tomatoes,Bruschetta,given them away……And still they keep coming! #firstworldproblems

And then I have this one…..
Solar Fire(Heat tolerant hybrid) determinate

A quite large tomato and “meaty.”A good ‘mater and mayo’ sandwich tomato.
One day’s harvest….

I,also,have a Kale problem.But I’m dealing with that pretty well.So far…..We’ll get into that in another post.I don’t want to overload you whining about my problems….

And then there’s the Lubber problem…..I’ve found they’ve developed an appetite for plumerias!
Which is a major no-no at TheGreatWall !
Just today,I beheaded over 20 on the yellow plumeria!
And 5 on the white!
It’s now become personal between me and them!
I shall be buying a new set of clippers just for beheading!

Stay tuned……


Remember when I posted this photo…..?


When I was anxiously awaiting the bloom of my “orange” plumeria? At least that was what I was told it was…..

This is what it is……


Not quite orange.Actually,it’s more of an orangey/pinkish/yellow.
For comparison,this is it next to the pink/yellow one I already have.
And this is the deep red one…..

I’m just a tad disappointed,but it’s still a keeper.

Now,starts the wait to see if my blue is really a blue…….

Florida’s change of seasons…..

The temperature has dropped.To the low 80’s during the day.60’s at night.
But most of all,the humidity has dropped.In Florida,that is a sign that Autumn is finally here!
The veggie garden is in full swing.


Yep,those are wine bottles in the raised bed.I’m going to use them to raise the beds up.Don’t judge….
Already,a few salads have been harvested.And there are baby squash to be found.
Thyrallis  Galphimia glauca is in full bloom.


Love that Autumn-like color!
The Lemon Grass is ready to harvest.


Meyer Lemon is in full bloom….


and with babies….


I have always heard that citrus have 3 year cycles,so I’m hoping this is the good year for production,as it’s had 2 slow years.And,already,it has 3 lemons on it.

Sadly,the plumeria are starting to go dormant.
The last of the blooms….

Bananas are still growing…

And Buddha is still happy….IMG_1593

….but the mosquitoes are still here……..

Plumeria update~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Fall veggie garden has been solarized,had compost and manure added to it,and is now sitting,basking in the late Florida summer sun.
Resting,until next week,when the seeds I ordered,and plants that are started,can go into the ground.I’m so looking forward to fresh,home-grown salads and vegetables,again.

But in the meantime,a little plumeria update is in order.
The pink and white  pink and yellow has totally stolen my heart…


Can you see why? Great scent,beautiful blooms.What’s not to love?

The white plumeria has put out a seed pod,again,this year.IMG_1492

It did the same thing last year,but I didn’t know how to deal with sprouting the seeds. Meaning,that I totally goofed it up.But after much research,I’m going to try it again this year.
There is a certain way to plant each seed.
and if you screw that up,w-e-l-l you’re totally screwed…..
I,also,found out that each seed can have up to over 54 chromosomes,so you never know what you’re going to get from a sprouted seed.It can take from 10 months to 3 years to get a bloom,so this should be fun….

Lookk who’s here!


I have followed this inflo for weeks.
Waiting in total Anticipation.
Channeling my inner Carly Simon,I guess…..….

But,finally,here it is….IMG_1483

I was anticipating pink and white.At least,that’s what I was told it was.It turned out to be pale pink and yellow.Good enough.I’ll keep it.
This is the pink and yellow…..


…and the deep pink/red….


They’re all keepers!

Now,if the orange would just bloom……

Who else but me……

…..would be out in the rain,
standing on chair,
taking photos of their plumeria blooms?
After almost a week of constant on and off down pours,the plumeria are glorious!
It wasn’t an attractive sight,but I had to stand on a chair to take these photos.The neighbors must’ve wondered what the Hell I was doing.But that’s how I roll,when the plumeria are this gorgeous.They can deal with it…
All of the plumeria have grown like Topsy.Like that referral?
The white plumeria is over ten feet tall,
and still growing.


The white photo bombed by a wasp of some sort.





So,do you ever go out in the rain to take photos of your favorite plants? Just because their your favorites? And you know they’ll look glorious after the rain?


After one of those hot,steamy Florida days we’ve been having lately.
The rains came and cooled things off….
And the plumeria are happy!