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Jasmine and Honeysuckle vines.Oh my….

A sure sign of Spring in Florida-outside of the heat-is the blooming of the Confederate Jasmine Trachelospermun jasmiodes and the Coral Honeysuckle Lonicera sempervirens.

IMG_1899 The aroma is overwhelming….
This vine is growing on a series of trellises surrounding the vegetable garden.
When I’m in the vegetable gardening,the scent is so incredible! As a double bonus, it brings the pollinators in as well.

Also,blooming is the Coral Honeysuckle.


This one is growing on a trellis hiding the propane tanks and the recycle containers.The hummingbirds love it!
Now,if only I could capture a photo of them feeding on it…..

The Simpson’s Stopper Myrcianthes fragrans is also blooming.


The tiny sputnik-type flowers,on this Florida native,will soon be followed by red berries,which the birds will devour in a day.
The irises are putting on their Spring show….


And the hibiscus have started their Spring bloom….


But the surest sign of the return of warm weather is the return of the Caladiums….


This is “Miss Muffet.”

Any signs of Spring in your garden?

Wax Myrtle…..

After TheTree went down,I planted the Sweet Gum tree.
Close to it,I planted a Wax Myrtle shrub Myrica cerifera.

Just because I wanted to introduce more Florida native shrubbery to the garden.
I don’t know if this is normal,or the warm winters we’ve had the past few years,but it seems to be an early bloomer.
which I was not,but that’s for a whole other post….
It’s growing next to a Jamaica Caper Capparis cynophallophora
a Simpson’s Stopper Myrcianthes,and a Beauty Berry Callicarpa.
All growing by the water’s edge.
I’m aiming for a natural type hedge,by the water,which will provide cover and food for the birds,butterflies and bees.

So far,along with the help of the feeders,it’s working…..

Florida Fall Foliage………….

The weather is a tad cooler,here in Florida.
8o’s,not 90’s.
But the humidity has dropped.And for that we Florida gardeners rejoice.We can get out into the garden without sweating our asses pants off.
Having grown up  in Western New York,and then living in New England for four years before relocating to Florida for the past 40 years,I must admit this is the time of year I miss Fall in the northeast.

Here in Florida,our tank tops have been replaced with t-shirts,and we are still gardening in shorts and flip-flops.
But for all you Northern gardeners who are having fun filling up Facebook and Pinterest with all your photos of your foliage,we in Florida have Fall foliage,too!

It’s just different.




Duranta Gold Mound Duranta repens

Some trim this into a hedge form,but I prefer to let it grow  naturally.I just like like it that way.
IMG_1609 (2)

To be honest,I’m not sure what the purple plant is(I got the original cutting from Meems at Hoe and Shovel),but it is prolific,and roots quite easily.More Duranta Gold Mound,croton and a bit of the Jatropha in the background.



Firebush Hamelia patens

a butterfly and hummingbird attractor

Simpson’s Stopper Myrcianthes fragrans  (a true Florida native)is blooming with it’s sputnik flowers….soon to be replaced by red berries the birds will be feasting on.

Marigolds,in the veggie garden,blooming amongst tomatoes and Cilantro….


But the best color of Fall is…..IMG_1622

……Happy Fall ……