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Be careful what you wish for….

Okay,okay.I cry uncle.
After wishing for rain,all Spring,I have had enough of the rain.
This current rain ‘event’ has taken rainy season to a new level.
We had over 17” of the wet stuff the end of July,and even more in August.Just 2” last nite and another 2” today.I know,I checked the rain gauge.
Water is lying everywhere…


This is the veggie garden.It’s time to start planting the Fall garden,but it is so mucky I can’t even think about that.
The only thing happy with this weather is the weeds.And those weeds have taken total control of the garden,but the ground is so mucky there is no chance of weeding.I am not looking forward to the weeding that is ahead for me.
But the saddest thing is I lost this guy…
I have had this Barrel Cactus for almost 20 years.It has survived other rainy seasons and winter freezes.Whatever was thrown at it.It had become my stand-by.My friend.
But this year was just too much.
So,I shall wear the leather gloves and give it a proper burial throw it in the trash.

RIP Barrel Cactus……