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I’ve got a little problem….

….a tomato problem….

IMG_1931Super Sweet Grape Tomato(Hybrid) Indeterminate
It’s now over 8 foot tall.And still growing…..
One day’s harvest….
 They’re very sweet.A good snacking tomato.I’ve made Pickled Grape Tomatoes,Bruschetta,given them away……And still they keep coming! #firstworldproblems

And then I have this one…..
Solar Fire(Heat tolerant hybrid) determinate

A quite large tomato and “meaty.”A good ‘mater and mayo’ sandwich tomato.
One day’s harvest….

I,also,have a Kale problem.But I’m dealing with that pretty well.So far…..We’ll get into that in another post.I don’t want to overload you whining about my problems….

And then there’s the Lubber problem…..I’ve found they’ve developed an appetite for plumerias!
Which is a major no-no at TheGreatWall !
Just today,I beheaded over 20 on the yellow plumeria!
And 5 on the white!
It’s now become personal between me and them!
I shall be buying a new set of clippers just for beheading!

Stay tuned……

The Great Butternut Squash Experiment….

Awhile back,I bought a Butternut squash at Whole Foods.Organically grown,’cause I’m trying to eat healthy.
And I love Butternut Squash soup!
I saved some seeds.Three of ‘em,to be exact.
Because I’m cheap thrifty,
and my dad always did this,because he looked at gardening as one big experiment,
I let them dry.And when I was planting the Fall veggie garden,I thought I’d give those seeds a try.Because what do I have to lose,but a few feet of garden space?
So,I made a hill,mainly out of compost,and planted those three seeds.
And waited…..
After about five days,there they were!

So,now,I can be found out in my veggie garden… murmuring sweet nothings to my seedlings.
Begging them to grow.
And give me squash.
For soup!
….stay tuned….



The veggie garden has been officially put to bed.As I write this,it is being solarized….

gardenCompost and manure added.
Plans have been made.
Seeds have been ordered.The usual suspects.Green beans,kale,carrots,collards,turnips,radishes,lettuce(waaaay too may kinds)….tomatoes started..

And the annual perusal of recipes has started….
Ones I need want to try….
This pizza…. with kale
Green beans….
Hopefully,I’ll have bumper crop of tomatoes,so I can try this….

And the Yellow-top Flaveria linearis is already blooming.

Can Autumn,and cooler weather,be far behind?