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Emma’s Garden…………

When Emma was born,I planted “Emma’s Garden.” Itwas next to the old pool.
But the pool cracked when TheTree went down.
So,”Emma’s Garden” was moved.
This is it,today….


The original garden has remained pretty much the same.
Just in a different place.
Which has turned out to be a better place
The Queen Emma Crinum has flourished.I have taken many pups from it and have them growing on the screened in lanai.Just in case the lubbers decide to stage a major attack on this one. Along with the Queen Emma Crinum are planted a pink Knock-out Rose,a coontie palm,and Angel’s Tears.All transplanted from the original garden.


I bought the cherub at Tony’s Garden Patch,in,Tallahassee,when Emma was born.-that’s me,Emma –but,alas,it has since closed.


This weekend,the Easter Bunny visited…me,too…and left some surprises…


Then,a certain little girl visited…..me,Emma!….
and found those surprises…..


“Chocolate is my favorite candy.What’s yours?”