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It’s plumeria season…..

at TheGreatWall…..
Time to burn your eyes out with photos of the plumeria that,so far,are in magnificent bloom this year.
So get ready…..
Here they are….






Don’t worry.
There are still some in bud.
Including the blue one
So,you will still get to see some more this summer

Doing the happy dance around here…….

It’s official…..

Plumeria season has started !!!
The first bud has opened….


:: Doing the Happy Dance ::

Stay tuned for more……….


It’s rained all day,here,at TheGreatWall.
Serious rain.
The first real rain we’ve had in quite a while.
And we really needed the rain.So,I’m not complaining.
As my mother used to say,a real gully washer.
The day started off with a steady rain,progressed to thunderstorms,slowed down to a steady rain in the afternoon,and,now,thunderstorms again.
So,between the raindrops I ventured out,camera in hand,to snap a few photos.

IMG_2009 Pink and white plumeria.
It starts out like this and will mature to pink and white.

IMG_2010”Light Rainbow” plumeria

Yellow plumeria.
This one is from a cutting from my Dad’s original plumeria that he brought back from Hawaii.

Banana Shrub.For some reason it’s blooming again.

One of the many Buddha’s,at TheGreatWall.
I love them! They bring such a calming sense to the garden.It feels so peaceful to come upon one of them,when I walk through the garden.

Raindrops on the Jatropha.
The Zebra Longwings love this plant.Just not in the rain….

Love this as an accent plant.Does well in containers or directly in the ground.

Raindrops on a Fan Palm frond.

The rain is forecast to continue for another two days…..

…..more than enough rain for awhile……




It’s been cloudy all day.
Threatening rain.
In other words,a great day for photos.
So,here ya go….
Where TheGreatWall is at the almost mid-point of July…

Musical Notes Clerodendrum Clerodendrum incisum
So named because the open flowers resemble musical notes.
A close up of the flower…
Another view….


The white plumeria has burst into bloom….
If you only knew what it took to get a photo of this.
It is over twelve feet tall…
and yes,it involved a ladder,me grabbing a leaf and pulling the branch down….see my finger in the lower left?


After being decimated by the Lubbers the yellow plumeria is blooming…..
IMG_1994 This one comes from a cutting that I got from my Dad’s plumeria,that he brought back from Hawaii….
….and I gave a cutting from mine to Erich,the Younger,and it’s growing in his garden.
I love that gardening can connect generations.
A new pathway is going in….IMG_2003 Why I attempt these things in the heat of summer I have no idea….I still have some cleaning out to do…..
In the back ground you might be able to see the wild Cassava…
Behind the Cassava,you can see the Bay Oak that died from Laurel Wilt.It’s spread by the Ambrosia Beetle,which is an invasive species.I found out it can not just be taken down by just anyone.To keep the disease from spreading there are guidelines as to how it’s taken down and disposed of.

The Beauty Berry is starting to bloom…

…and for some reason the Carolina Jasmine is blooming again…..
I have no idea why,as it’s been so stinking hot,lately.But,I love the scent,in the evening,so I’ll not complain.

The Meyer Lemons are slowly ripening….
This should be its banner year (over 20 lemons on this small tree),so I’m anxious for all of these lemons to ripen.I have plans and recipes…..

That’s TheGreatWall is at the almost mid-point of July.How is your garden growing?

I’m happy………..

This year the plumeria are having a banner year.
and I’m a happy gardener!
The red is still going great guns…
This is the full tree.
Actually,they’re not a pretty tree,so I try to plant palms,etc. around them for them to grow up through.Plus,the palms hide them ,in the winter,when they are defoliated.

The yellow….
This is the one attacked by @#$% lubbers.It seems they have developed a taste for the flower buds.So,I have to check it every day.A lemony scent.

The newest one to flower is the pink and yellow…
Love,love,love this one.A slight rosy scent.Not too overwhelming.

Still blooming,the pink and white,”Light Rainbow”…
This one is covered with scapes,so I think it will be blooming for awhile.Which makes me very happy.It seems to have developed a cinnamony scent.

And that’s why I’m happy………..

Random stuff…

Summer has truly arrived in West Central Florida.Zone 9B.(or whatever Zone,the powers that be,decide we’re in)
It’s hot and humid.Typical summer weather in Florida.
If I have any intention of gardening,I have to be out there by 7:30AM.And be done by 10AM.
Otherwise,I sweat to death.And we all know that ain’t a pretty sight…or smell….
Moving on…..
This past week,our afternoon rains have started earlier than usual.So,this afternoon,after the rain stopped,I braved the humidity and heat and took some random photos….

The Angel’s Trumpets,Brugmansia, are in full bloom.They seem to love the heat and all the rain of a Florida summer.Bonus points for the fact they smell heavenly in the evening.
…..a close up of the underside…IMG_1961
The Blackberry Lilies,Iris domestica,are starting to bloom.A little early this year.This is a “freckle-less” one .Some have spots that are reminiscent of freckles.
Jamaican Wild Coffee shrub is in bud…
This one is different  from the Florida native Wild Coffee Psychotria nervosa
plant.It is more cold sensitive,so I keep it close to the lanai,where the heat from the pool keeps it protected during the winter.The birds will devour the berries in a day.

Harley,our Chief of Security on TheGreatWall, keeping me company….
Had to throw that one in….

Lubber damage on one of the Queen Emma Crinums…
IMG_1968Two lubbers totally decimated this one,in one day.And that’s with me checking them every day!
It should look like this one….
It should be huge! And a deep purple.This one is growing in a planter,on the screened lanai…   @#$%  lubbers!!!!

On a happier note….
This is Plumeria Rubra “Light Rainbow”
Ain’t she a knock-out?

And the deep red is still in bloom…
This one comes from a cutting.I don’t know the name of the cultivar.But it’s a keeper! It has been blooming for over two months,and is covered in buds.

This is a planter by the lanai

Dwarf variegated pandanus,Pandanus baptisti.It’s supposed to take heat and full sun.We shall see.The snails are Apple Snails I found on the shore of the lake.And the sedum is “Florida Friendly Gold”

So,how is your  garden growing?Are you sweating,like we are,in Florida?

I should be bonafide……..

This is TheGreatWall and I have an addiction.
A plumeria addiction.
A bonafide plumeria addiction.
I love them all
I can not have too many.
If there is one to be found,
a cutting to be had,
a color I don’t have,
I must have it!
No,seriously,I must have it….
I adore them.
Don’t ask me why,but I do.
I can deal with it.
If there’s a plumeria addiction group I should be a bonafide member.
….and proud to say so….
So here ya go with the latest blooms…..


This was supposed to be pink/white.Last year it was,but this year it has a orange/yellow tinge to it.I still love it.Very,very slight scent of a rose to it


The red.The largest,along with the white(which is a later bloomer),of all the trees I have.It’s huge! note to self-take a pic of this one–-Very strong scent of a rose.


The supposed orange.It turned out to be orange and pink.No matter.I still love it.These blooms last forever.I haven’t quite figured out what the scent is yet.Orangey/rose?

The yellow,which has a lemony scent has bloomed once already.But is in between blooms right now.
The white,which is a double and has a vanilla scent has yet to bloom.It does tend to be a late bloomer.

And the newest babies to live here….IMG_1952 The cutting was sold to me as violet/blue.We shall see.If it turns out to be that,I shall be doing the happy dance all over blog land!But it is a fast grower.I’ve repotted it once,and already it needs to go into a bigger pot.
IMG_1953This cutting it supposed to be Poung Chompoo.A white with pink tips and yellow throat.Time will tell.It’s a little slower grower,but looks like it wants to divide,so it may be an earlier bloomer than the blue/violet.