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Random stuff…

Summer has truly arrived in West Central Florida.Zone 9B.(or whatever Zone,the powers that be,decide we’re in)
It’s hot and humid.Typical summer weather in Florida.
If I have any intention of gardening,I have to be out there by 7:30AM.And be done by 10AM.
Otherwise,I sweat to death.And we all know that ain’t a pretty sight…or smell….
Moving on…..
This past week,our afternoon rains have started earlier than usual.So,this afternoon,after the rain stopped,I braved the humidity and heat and took some random photos….

The Angel’s Trumpets,Brugmansia, are in full bloom.They seem to love the heat and all the rain of a Florida summer.Bonus points for the fact they smell heavenly in the evening.
…..a close up of the underside…IMG_1961
The Blackberry Lilies,Iris domestica,are starting to bloom.A little early this year.This is a “freckle-less” one .Some have spots that are reminiscent of freckles.
Jamaican Wild Coffee shrub is in bud…
This one is different  from the Florida native Wild Coffee Psychotria nervosa
plant.It is more cold sensitive,so I keep it close to the lanai,where the heat from the pool keeps it protected during the winter.The birds will devour the berries in a day.

Harley,our Chief of Security on TheGreatWall, keeping me company….
Had to throw that one in….

Lubber damage on one of the Queen Emma Crinums…
IMG_1968Two lubbers totally decimated this one,in one day.And that’s with me checking them every day!
It should look like this one….
It should be huge! And a deep purple.This one is growing in a planter,on the screened lanai…   @#$%  lubbers!!!!

On a happier note….
This is Plumeria Rubra “Light Rainbow”
Ain’t she a knock-out?

And the deep red is still in bloom…
This one comes from a cutting.I don’t know the name of the cultivar.But it’s a keeper! It has been blooming for over two months,and is covered in buds.

This is a planter by the lanai

Dwarf variegated pandanus,Pandanus baptisti.It’s supposed to take heat and full sun.We shall see.The snails are Apple Snails I found on the shore of the lake.And the sedum is “Florida Friendly Gold”

So,how is your  garden growing?Are you sweating,like we are,in Florida?


….around TheGreatWall….
Not much…..
Outside of no rain –thought this was rainy season?– for over a week,
and temps in the 90’s,
and humidity to match.
Meaning if you have gardening to do
….and who doesn’t at this time of year?…
you had better have your butt outside,
working in the garden by 7:30AM.
And be done by 11AM,
and soaking that butt in the pool for the rest of the afternoon.


After 4:30,or so,it just might be cool enough to take the camera out and see what’s going on…..

The plumerias are blooming like crazy….
The red never ceases to amaze me.

The first year the pink and yellow has bloomed!I’m in love with this one!

The yellow carries on.The original cutting for this came from my dad’s garden in St.Petersburg,before he passed.

The white has gotten so big(over 10’ tall),I can’t take a good photo of the blooms!

Both wild coffees are blooming….
Jamaican Wild Coffee psychotria undata,Zone 9-12

Florida native Wild Coffee psychotria nervosa,Zone 10-11
-pushing the limits on this one,but so far,after 3 years,it’s still doing great!

Zebra Long Wing on the Jatropha-sometimes they will pose!

Blackberry Lilies are blooming already,this year.Kind of early.Mine are the freckle-less ones.

Self seeded Blanket Flower.

Cats on the parsley.I always plant extra just for this reason.

How are you doing in this Florida heat?


…or just floating in the pool?
I vote for floating in the pool…..